Monday, February 28, 2011

Quit Smoking Help

Quit Smoking HelpSmoking is a serious problem for our modern society, very few smokers accept quit smoking help, as they don't see the effects that cigars and cigarettes have on their heath. It is a known fact that smokers face increased risks in contacting heart problems, emphysema and lung cancer. The truth is that without quit smoking help for your health life can become a real nightmare, so it should be to our best interest to keep ourselves as healthy as possible. Quit smoking help campaigns are present all over the world but they usually have little or no effects. All smokers suffer from the “Smoker's Denial” problem as all of them hope that they won't face the smoking problems and therefore don't need any quit smoking help. Most of them say that they will quit in time because sudden changes aren't good for the body.
The body fights back the nicotine with the quit smoking help of an enzyme that the body produces, which resembles an antibody. The more you smoke the more antibodies are produced in an effort to respond to the nicotine attack. The problem appears when the body doesn't receive the nicotine, then the antibodies won't have an enemy to fight and will fire back our organism, this is why smokers suffer so much from withdrawal crisis. Quit smoking help is needed especially in schools because more and more young children start smoking. Statistics confirm that more that four million peoples die every year because of smoking, this means that every 8 seconds somebody dies from nicotine diseases. Don't ignore quit smoking help programs, as they may change your life immensely. As a quit smoking help consider the multitude of illnesses that are inflicted by smoking: heart problems, strokes, emphysema, lung and oral cancer.
For those who need quit smoking help, try to turn to some good advice from someone who has passed through a similar situation. You will learn that you can yourself provide the psyche with quit smoking help. The perfect time to quit is right now, don't wait for your birthday or any other foolish moments, now it is the right moment, now you must quit. After you've decided to get rid of nicotine it is time to look for professional quit smoking help as fighting on your own may result in failure.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The best quit smoking ads in Malaysia

This was the best ads I've seen in my country. Those ads really touch my heart and I'm sure others too. But those ads were mean less if our mind was still full of the joy of smoking.

Quit Your Smoking Habit NOW!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Smoking Kills (The Bryan Curtis story)

This is Bryan Curtis story. The story of a young man who suffered from lung cancer caused by cigarette. This video were meant to all viewer that the dangerous of smoking can be.

This video really remind me of my dad who died with the same symptom and the look at the 2nd picture really bring back the look of my dad in his last day..

Let this video be a message to all people the dangerous of smoking can be. Quit your smoking habit NOW!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quit Smoking Pills

It is a common thing for people to prefer taking a stop smoking pill to trying a “Cold Turkey” treatment, the latter being based entirely on self control and very few succeed in it. Drinking a glass of water with a stop smoking pill is easy and appropriate for any active person. Some of the top stop smoking pills are Zyban and Wellbutrin, they are the classical treatments that most doctors recommend. These stop smoking pills when combined with counseling sessions can give very good results to most patients. Zyban is a favorite stop smoking pill known to be a first choice as it favors the blood cleaning by increasing circulation and stimulating several glands. This stop smoking pill will make a person feel like he or she has just smoked a cigarette. Most doctors say that these stop smoking pills fight against the physical problem by eliminating nicotine from the body, but they don't work on the psychological craving. 

Any stop smoking pill must be taken at least for a week and the doctor's advice is crucial in this time interval to avoid any unpleasant side effects. The prescribed dose of the stop smoking pill usually varies from patient to patient. Several factors are to be taken into consideration, for how many years the person has been smoking, and how much he/she smokes a day, age and other health problems must be noted. Problems like dry mouth and insomnia are common side effects inflicted by any stop smoking pill but these unpleasant symptoms won't put your health in danger at all. Zyban is a powerful stop smoking pill and after repeated administration it will take about one week or more to disappear from the blood. People who suffer from stomach problems or any pulmonary diseases like bronchitis must avoid this stop smoking pill. 

Stop smoking pills mustn't be administrated to people who are under antidepressant treatments as serious complications can appear. The most important fact when turning to stop smoking pills is that you must consult your doctor before administration. Newer and more complex stop smoking pills have appeared on the market that suppress the nicotine receptors from the persons brain so that if one smokes no satisfaction comes with it.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stop smoking patches

Stop smoking patch treatments have decent rates of success for those who want to quit; the quit smoking patch contains different quantities of nicotine assisting all kinds of smokers. A cigarette usually contains 1 mg of nicotine, so if you are used to smoking half a packet a day then it would be recommended to use a stop smoking patch that contains 14 mg of nicotine in order to help you. Using a stop smoking patch theoretically won't harm you in any way, it will simply supply your body the amount of needed nicotine while helping you get rid from the routines and habit of smoking. Normally a stop smoking patch costs between 2 and 3 dollars but in some US regions it might even be free, depending on the local anti-smoking campaigns.

The stop smoking patches cost varies not based on the amount of nicotine that they contain but on the size and nature of the adhesive that is used to hold the patch properly. As a cost-cutting technique some people buy stop smoking patches that contain a larger quantity of nicotine and cut them into smaller pieces. Producers say that in this way nicotine from the stop smoking patch won't be absorbed properly into the body but there isn't any solid evidence to support or disclaim their point of view. When speaking about the stop smoking patches efficiency we must say that less than 10% of the smokers who try them really solve their problem. If the persons are also well counseled the percentage hits 25%. Maybe the numbers aren't the best you've seen but with the proper life style, the effectiveness of stop smoking patches gets higher.

Statistics show that more than 22% of the smokers who have tried any form of stop smoking patch succeeded. So experts recommend them as being a cheap and good solution for any smoker who wants to quit this deadly habit. As possible side effects of the stop smoking patch we could mention increased level of dreams during sleep time but this was encountered only with the 24 hour quit smoking patches. In several remote cases the patient suffered death when combining a large number of patches with smoking and alcohol, in all reported cases the companies producing the stop smoking patches couldn't be blamed for the accident as the person didn't follow medical advice nor did he / she consider the warnings on the patch label.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quit smoking classes this spring

Quit smoking classes this spring: "Want to quit smoking or chewing?"

The American Lung Association will held a class "freedom from smoking" which can help citizen to quit their smoking habit.

The class, which will start on March 7th, will be open to the first 15 people. The classes meet at 6:15-8:15 pm at the United Way of Northwest Michigan at 521 S. Union in Traverse City for 6 Mondays and 1 Thursday on: March 7, 14, 21, 24, 28, and April 4 & 11.

The cost for the course is $150, which will include materials and taxes. Scholarship and payment plans also available. They will given a discount if you pre-register early. The first class will be free of charge for if you just want to check it out.

Lisa Danto, from National Certified Tobacco Addiction Specialist (NCTAS) will be the instructor for the classes. She have an experience of nine years given such instructor to such classes.

If you want to register, please call the number given :
Phone : (231)271-3684
email :

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Effects of Smoking : How Does Smoking Hurt Your Body?

Watch how does smoking will hurting your body. In case you all didn't know, smoking really can hurt your body in variety way. This include weakening bones & skin, damaging heart & blood vessels and cancer causes. This video been brought to you by expert from pulmonary disease research.

See others video at

How I Quit Smoking

How I quit smoking testifies to personal experience in the nicotine battle. Smoking is a serious problem that affects the entire world, more than 4 million people die every year from smoking illnesses, this means that every 8 seconds a person dies from smoking. Many scientists and doctors have concluded that the effects of nicotine over the human body are very similar to the problems caused by cocaine and heroin. How I quit smoking may be your story too. There is professional help found, and afterwards many people write their “How I quit smoking” story. It is a good thing to read and learn from someone else's experience, it helps a lot to see what difficulties one went throw and how he/she succeeded. Make the “How I quit smoking” experience a support for others.

The “how I quit smoking” scenario usually begins with “how it all started”. Most of the questioned smokers said that when young he/she thought it was cool. Others started smoking after an emotional problem and thought that if they start smoking they would feel better. Most smokers started when they were young, in their twenties and evolved from several cigarettes to a packet or more a day. Almost each ex-smoker that is asked the “How I quit smoking question” will answer something different because each body usually reacts differently to similar factors. This is why so many alternatives exist to quit smoking from the classical cold turkey method to the most weird solutions like hypnosis. People find it so hard to get to the “how I quit smoking” phase especially because of the psychological factor. Usually a person can eliminate the nicotine from the body and though side effects appear this isn't the biggest problem. How I quit smoking is personal! It takes time and lots of effort!

Reading “How I quit smoking” success stories can help a lot, but don't be fooled by those who sell you relaxation tapes, yoga courses or other alpha (relaxation) wave treatments. There is good advice that can be found on the Internet. Real “how I quit smoking” stories always help, so if you need more support in your efforts against smoking join some ex-smokers discussion groups or forums. Any person that defeated this bad habit can answer the “How I quit smoking” question giving you encouraging tips you may need each time you feel like starting smoking again. Then you may be in the position of “how I quit smoking”! Good luck!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stop smoking help

imageIf you want to quit and you've promised yourself so many times that this is the last cigarette you'll ever smoke, but every time you fail again and again, it's time to ask for some stop smoking help. This method you are trying is called “Cold Turkey” and as the name suggest it means quitting suddenly and never returning to this habit without any stop smoking help. Though it may seem brave to do something like this very few succeed. Without stop smoking help very few smokers would quit smoking for good since they are facing the craving problems. The mortality factor is huge among smokers, 4 million people die every year from smoking-caused diseases. Though the number may seem terrifying think that over a million succeed each year in quitting, so if you try and turn to a stop smoking help program you can also be a winner.

Maybe you've tried quitting before and failed, for some unknown reason you didn't find the right stop smoking help. The main idea is not to give up. Most of the ex-smokers tried several times before managing to quit for good. Using stop smoking help and advice you increase significantly your chances of success. When talking with ex-smokers you can regain confidence and find support in difficult moments so don't hesitate to open to suggestions. Statistics report that a person that tried several times before to quit smoking and didn't succeed has a higher chance to make it next time with the correct stop smoking help. Pregnant women need all the stop smoking help they can get as the baby's health is at stake also. A high percentage of the children that are exposed to second hand smoke suffer from asthma or other respiratory disorders so if you ever think about quitting now is the best time.

Stop smoking help programs show many people where to start, and how to deal with cravings and stick to a cigarette-free lifestyle. Lots of stop smoking help is necessary to make a plan first, because the “Cold Turkey” method is too difficult for heavy smokers. To get professional stop smoking help find a specialist that can guide you with competent advice or you may get involved in some stop smoking help classes where ex-smokers come and try to assist any way they can. As most experts say the best stop smoking help comes from an ex-smoker so if you have a family member or a friend that quit smoking long time ago it is a good idea to spend as much time with him or her as possible.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Afraid to gain weight when quit smoking? Here’s the tips

Many of the smokers worry that they will gain weight when they start to quit their pleasant habit. The truth is, not every smokers who quit will gain weight. The average was just around 4~10 pounds.

It is normal to gain some weight after you’ve quit your smoking and it’s healthy. Research have shown that, smoking actually made people thinner, in unhealthy way. A few simple strategies can help to limit weight gain while you kick the habit. When the addiction been totally broken, then you can work on losing any weight you’ve gained.

Smoking and Metabolism - Nicotine from tobacco actually boost our body’s metabolic rate. 1 cigarette can increase your heart beat 10-20 beats/minutes. That is one reason why smoking can cause heart disease. Quitting smoking can return back the the metabolic rate to normal condition. But have to aware that the calories you’ve been taken have to be reduce.

 Avoiding diets crash – Choose wisely what you wanted to eat. Choose food which is rich in nutrient and low in calories. Just don’t make a radical changes to what you’ll eat.

Smart enough to choose what to put in your mouth - Normally, craving nicotine were not the only problem you’ll face. The habit of lighting the cigarette and put it in your mouth, that’s the one they really missed. This is what expert say, “oral gratification”. Alternatively, choose something else to chew in your mouth. But, be sure it was low/zero calories. Some smart alternative include :

  • Sugar free gums
  • Sugar free hard candies
  • Celery or carrot sticks

Another tricks, brush your teeth frequently throughout the day. Clean and fresh mouth may less your urge to smoke.

Get busy – Also can distract from urging of smoke. Fill it with something that didn’t involve eating. Choose something related to physical activities like gardening, walking or doing chores. It burn your calories also. Research have shown that they have made positive effect on mood. Do whatever you like. As long it can distract your urge to smoke.

Expectation must be realistic – It is fine to gain some weight after you quit smoking. Just don’t put a pressure in it.

Keep health in perspective – When you’ve gain some weight while kick those habit, do not let it derail your effort. Remember this, by quit your smoking habit, make you live longer and healthier. Isn’t it more worth it? Those extra pound just a small piece of price that you have to pay by quitting smoking. But once you’re tobacco free, you’ll have more time to get the shape you want.

Many of smokers made this as an excuse for them not to quit smoking which was a very not acceptable. You the one who can make those happen and you the one can choose what path you want. Don’t just listening to others, try it out for your own good!