Saturday, September 24, 2011

That's why smoking is bad for your health.

Some of us still not given a damn about how bad smoking can cause to our body. Are we still think that smoking will not do any harm to our body? Think twice my friend, and hopefully this will make up your mind.

Do you still think for not giving up smoking? Think again..


  1. i agree ..people should quit smoking....let me know the steps how to quit smooking

    1. Yeah you right.. follow this blog and I'll try my best to give some tips and advice..

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  4. Electronic cigarettes are terrible to use as smoking cessation aids. It's best to contact the smoking cessation trust online and find a doctor in your area. You don't need insurance and it will cover all your smoking cessation products: Nicoderm patches, gum, or lozenges; Nicotrol Inhaler; Buspar or Chantix. I have smoking cessation counselor I visit once a month after spending a week in the hospital with pneumonia. After smoking for 16 years, I have been smoke-free for four months almost five and don't have any type of craving or want to smoke. I can be around other smokers and not want a cigarette as the smell makes me sick now. My counselor prefers to use multiple products patches and Chantix; I was on the patches from the week in the hospital and didn't even realize I hadn't been craving a cigarette the entire time. I figured it was time to quit, not just for me but my daughters.