Saturday, April 23, 2011

News : China try to quit smoking, again.

A Chinese enjoying smokingTandy Reynolds, from Spinport News reported that China will have one more shot to kicking those bad habit. The government of China, through their Ministry of Health will banned all smokers in public enclosed spaces, starting on May 1st.

The move, which is said as a promising move by Simon Chapman of Australia’s University, they have to grasp the experience of Canada, Australia and Europe on how they have reduces about 20% of tobacco consumption in indoor area. Despite the opportunity to smoke that will lost, a recent survey stated that, in more than 12,000 Chinese citizen been surveyed, 41.1% still smoke at work despite anti-smoking policies.

A more productive measure got to be done in order to increase the price of the cigarette. Although China has increased tobacco taxes, their cigarette still amongst the cheapest in the world. With over 300 million smokers in the country, they are making a great deal of passive smoking by those who not indulge.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stop smoking in one hour

Commercials and advertising campaigns aimed at smokers who want to quit promise stop smoking in one hour. Nevertheless, since we know how strenuous the effort to quit is, one has to wonder how effective that could be. Can one really stop smoking in one hour? The hypnosis adepts say it is possible for one to stop smoking in one hour during a procedure where your subconscious is freed from the nicotine addiction. Most alternative therapy practitioners use the “stop-smoking-in-one-hour” kind of promotion to attract customers and prove that their methods really work. Moreover, they claim that one has almost zero chances of relapsing, since the smoking rejection is implemented at the deepest level of our mind. Plus, when you stop smoking in one hour, you don't run the risk of withdrawal symptoms.

If you search the Internet for stop smoking in one hour tips, you'll find plenty of testimonials of people who have improved their lives in sixty minutes. You don't have to take everything you read there for granted, feel free to go directly to clinics that use alternative therapies and specific programs meant to help you stop smoking in one hour. It may sound incredible, but there are cases of heavy smokers who used to have like a packet or more a day, completely recovered without the side effects of nicotine substitutes or the unpleasant craving symptoms. Therefore, for a smoker who wants to be rid of a bad habit in no time, the stop smoking in one hour offer is an advantageous opportunity.

There are all sorts of materials meant to assist you in the attempt to stop smoking in one hour. There are hypno-therapeutic sessions recoded on videos or DVD together with detailed instructions, which can be ordered online and used in the privacy of your home. Most of the stop smoking in one hour guides, play on relaxation techniques and slight forms of hypnosis, however, not everyone is pleased about being hypnotized by watching a video. Therefore, for anyone who'd rather have a stop smoking in one hour live session, it is good to find a professional therapist and check for his or her credentials before undergoing any procedure. You can even make several appointments and check on the various methods alternative therapies involve. Learning about the costs is a very important part of the issue too, so, be careful!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quit smoking support

Smoking is a very difficult problem to solve without good quit smoking support, a good plan is almost always needed when you aim at a nicotine-free life. Breaking this unhealthy habit isn't an easy task but it is not impossible either. The truth is that with quit smoking support millions have kicked the problem and now live a normal and healthy life. Many smokers simply neglect the risks involved and don't ask for quit smoking support; they are often the victims to heart problems or lung cancer. This happens because smokers aren't aware of the dangers they run, and they only find balance with professional quit smoking support. Statistics confirm that half of the people that smoke may die from a smoking-related illness. Smoking harms all the body organs and it simply reduces one's well being. Looking for quit smoking support may save your life!

Quit smoking support plans have a higher chance of success because the person will try to prepare for the upcoming problems. Many are still wondering today why it is so hard to quit smoking, the answer was given by specialists many times before, smoking is both a physical and a mental problem that can be solved with professional quit smoking support. Beyond the physical problems a quit smoking support program will help one face the psychological and the physical cravings. A quit smoking support solution will firstly identify the mental causes that trigger the need to smoke. Nicotine is the substance that causes unpleasant symptoms when trying to quit. Its withdrawal from the system is at the root of all the quitting crisis. Many health associations providing quit smoking support and instructions have concluded that nicotine is as dangerous as heroin and cocaine in terms of addiction.

When you smoke, nicotine reaches the brain within seconds and triggers several body changes like a small release of adrenaline and dopamine. Quit smoking programs will teach you how to deal with nicotine abstinence. The dopamine gives you the sensation of relaxation and satisfaction but it last only for two or three minutes when you will need another cigarette in order to relax again. For an increased chance to stop smoking look for suggestions over the Internet. The problem of smoking is easy to identify but harder to treat, this is why an effective quit smoking support solution is always needed for achieving your purpose of quit smoking.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Quit smoking contest

There were several ways to motivate people to quit their smoking habit. One of the ways was joining a contest. What are any good from contest? Well, contest got prizes and people always like prizes. It is kind of a rewards for their good job or behavior.

Some country, they have held many contest, just to attract smokers to quit their habit. Some of the contest give a very good price. See this :

Interesting right? Quit smoking, and you can get a Hybrid Car! That was really a good price to catch, isn’t it?

While others offer a lesser price, but still it was a good ways to motivate people to quit their smoking habit. There are many contest that you can join. Not only you’ll get prizes, you can also try to quit your smoking. The principle is simple, you want the prize, you quit your smoking habit, that’s it. But, is that the right way to do? Is it, then after the competition is off or the contest were over, then the contestant will start to smoke again?

Yes, the possibility is there. But, the main thing is, the method or the way it was done, the motivation they gained, in the process to win the prize, hopefully can gain their strength and build up their confident to quit their smoking habit. Because, they have to think deeply inside, if they can quit in certain period, then they can also quit forever.

How about the loser? Were they will go back to their habit? Well, it was depend on themselves. Are you among the frustrated, that, going back to the habit, just because you loose the contest? Well, please think again, my friend. Are you going to waste the precious time you gained, in time you are free from cigarette smoke? The answer really rely on yourself. If you are thinking about the price, more than your life, then you’re completely wrong. The price were just a bonus. A bonus for you to gained your healthier life back.

Well, there are many contest you can join out there. Just check your local listing or google it. There, you can find many contest you can join and hopefully this can be one of alternative ways to quit smoking. Make this as your motivation that can drive you away from the smoking habit. Remember, first is healthier life, second is the price. Hope you can win something!

p/s: To all participant in driven to quit challenge, good luck and whose the luckiest to win the hybrid car??