Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quitting smoking might make you happy as well as healthy - National Health and Science |

This is the fact of how quit smoking can give you the better life for tomorrow.

The day you say that smoking can release all your depress or your tension, was all lied. Not true at all. The fact is, it will get you more depress and tension.

Researcher from Brown University, Christopher Kahler, doing some research of mood from 236 men and women, who want to quit smoking.

When looking at the mood score, people were tobacco-free, were happiest among the rest who still not quit their smoking habit. Yes, people were went back and forth, but remarkable mood changes when not smoking were shown.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NLP–The Fastest Way to Quit Smoking

Did you know that, normally it will take 4 attempts for any smokers to quit their habit. Was it too long?

Nowadays, everything was in quick pace. The expectation of fast result were always do. No one really want to wait. It is same with smoking cessation. Smokers want help with quit smoking that will assist them quit smoking quick. But are there any product/method that can do that?

You’re going to make use of a smoking cessation technique that targets the real reason why most smokers fail at reaching their objective to become smoke-free and quit smoking. What is this reason? It is the mental cravings to smoke. The key word here is “mental” cravings to smoke; not “physical” cravings.

Most of quit smoking product just concentrate on how to overcome the physical dependence  on nicotine. But this dependence on nicotine really passes inside a week or so after stopping smoking. The most important is, requirement to assist recovering from mental addiction or “craving” to smoke.

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming, was a method developed specifically to get rid of the mental cravings to smoke. It is a form of powerful hypnotherapy that can help to remove the mental dependence on smoking from the smoker’s mind.

There is a recent test of 5,000 smokers who used NLP techniques and 97% of them able to quit their smoking habit. How successful is that? This is much higher success than any other product that only focus on nicotine addiction.

NLP benefits can be gained by merely hearing an NLP smoking cessation audio recording. Many of which are much less than an hour in length and powerful enough to get rid of the cravings to smoke after a single listen. So, which method the best suit you? Just think about it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Which is the best quit smoking product?

A stop smoking product is a nicotine replacer, this medication does help a lot, in fact studies showed that using a stop smoking product will double your odds to quit smoking. Almost all the stop smoking products  are over the counter and don't require a prescription but it is advisable to ask for the doctor's opinion or at least read the cautions on the label. One of the most appreciated stop smoking product is the nicotine patch, it slowly releases an amount of nicotine into your body on a longer interval of time. There are patches designed for any kind of smoker so finding the right option is relatively easy in terms of choosing a stop smoking product. The bad thing with patches is that they can cause itching and irritations, they also may give insomnia or other sleep problems. To avoid night anxiety most patients remove the patch.

Another stop smoking product is the nicotine gum, it is usually made of “polacrilex”; this stop smoking product has the advantage of keeping your mouth busy while supplying the needed amount of nicotine into your blood. Nicotine gum is recommended by most doctors as a three-month treatment, and it has the normal side effects associated with stop smoking products. Then come the nicotine lozenges, they are much like a candy and each one melts in about 20 – 30 minutes. This stop smoking product is discreet and may be acquired without any medical prescription. As side effects associated with this stop smoking product we could mention nausea, hiccups and heartburns as the most commonly encountered. A general warning for both nicotine gum and nicotine lozenges is that they can get fixed on dental works so don't use these products if you have dental problems.

Another appreciated stop smoking product is the nicotine inhaler, the good thing with this solution is that it can be used only when needed and it keeps both your mouth and hands busy. Don't try inhaling the vapors into the lungs as they are absorbed rapidly in your mouth and throat. This stop smoking product can cause throat and mouth irritations or even coughing. The nicotine nasal spray is another  highly popular stop smoking product as nicotine is very quickly absorbed by the body, this alternative works faster than any other. Nasal, sinus and throat problems can appear so use this product carefully. The greatest stop smoking product is the one that suits you best, if you feel comfortable using a product and you actually see results in a short period of time then keep using it and get a healthier life style.   

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quit smoking side effects

Most smokers who want to quit fail because of the quit smoking side effects, eliminating nicotine from your body is very hard and the battle can be harder than you think. Most quit smoking side effects are related to the blood sugar levels. Symptoms like inability to concentrate, dizziness or headaches may usually appear in the first three or four days. The quit smoking side effects are also called withdrawal symptoms and their intensity varies with each individual. All known statistics show that ex-smokers live longer and healthier than any smoker, and this should be a strong reason for anyone to quit. The battle with quit smoking side effects is tough particularly during the first days after quitting, you may feel irritable, confused, depressed or anxious. The cause for these quit smoking side effects is the reduced level of nicotine in the blood.

Some therapists recommend the use of nicotine inhalers, nicotine gums or patches since they release a small quantity of nicotine in the blood reducing the quit smoking side effects. Smokers who already suffer from depression or anxiety can hardly quit as they use cigarettes as a relief, in such cases psychological treatment is a must. Quit smoking side effects will be very hard to deal with for people with a stressful life, as nicotine has a relaxing effect on the human body. So in order to avoid severe quit smoking side effects the person should ask for professional help and attend ex-smoker discussions. Other quit smoking side effects which may appear include insomnia or putting on weight.

Specialists say that putting between 5 and 10 pounds of weight after you quit smoking is one of the normal quit smoking side effects. The weight problem is caused by the low levels of sugar in your blood. After smoking the nicotine passes into the blood in a matter of seconds releasing sugar reserves from  the body, sugar is vital to the brain normal functioning. But the sugar passes from normal food to the blood in about 20 minutes. One quit smoking side effect is that you will feel the need to eat because your brain is asking for sugar. The problem that people don't understand is that no matter how much you eat the body will still need 20 minutes to pass the sugar to the brain, so theoretically it won't be a big difference between eating a candy or ten of them. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Laser treatment to quit smoking

The laser treatment to quit smoking is one of the latest weapons against smoking, it uses a cold laser that is focused on several points on your body. It is related closely to acupuncture but it is a lot safer and with better results. The laser treatment to quit smoking has been successfully used all over the world, and in countries like England, Europe and Canada it has a history of 20 years. One of the best parts about this treatment is that it doesn't hurt at all, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. Many patients that accept laser treatment to quit smoking also think about the gaining weight problem. When nicotine leaves your body several changes occur that may cause extra weight accumulation. This side effect appears rarely and can be avoided easily with a proper diet and supplements.

Insurances don't cover laser treatment to quit smoking so make your budget plan before choosing this option. Results can't been assured by any quit smoking alternative because two factors are included in the laser treatment to quit smoking: the physical and psychological one. The physical problem can be eliminated 100% but you may still feel like smoking. A laser treatment to quit smoking won't change your diet to keep you from putting on weight, you will simply guided towards a change according to your life style and eating habits. Theoretically there are no side effects to laser treatment to quit smoking but there are some people that can't use it. The laser treatment to quit smoking is not recommended in cases of epilepsy, blood disorders, pregnancy, cancer or during chemotherapy or radiation therapy. 

Laser treatment to quit smoking needs no previous preparations, but it is advisable to drink several glasses of water or natural juice and have some minerals and vitamins tablets to help your body recover. Supplements are needed because nicotine draws vitamins from the body when eliminated, this isn't a rule but it can prevent health problems. Laser treatment to quit smoking has a very good success rate and more than 64% succeeded in getting rid of the addiction. One of the most important factors that influence success or failure is personal determination in winning this battle against smoking. Laser treatment to quit smoking might not be enough if you don't change your life style, therefore try avoiding any events that might cause a relapse. If you decide to use a laser treatment to quit smoking and you will notice a good change in all the aspects of your life. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The quit smoking cold turkey method

The quit smoking cold turkey solution is very popular and though it has a bizarre name it the solution that very influential people adopt. The method is very straight, without any preparation just stop smoking, after this quit smoking cold turkey decision is taken what it matters is that the mind be stronger than the desire to smoke. The more enduring you are the bigger chance of success. The quit smoking cold turkey name refers to something done without preparation, just like a cold turkey, since with the quit smoking cold turkey method, there is no gradual dicrease in the level of nicotine. Studies showed that this solution works and helps many smokers determined enough to succeed.

The quit smoking cold turkey solution is the most popular quiting method because almost any smoker that tried to escape from addiction has turned to it. Though it is easy to try, the difficult part comes in terms of success, which is why many people appeal to drugs and other alternative methods that help them quit. To improve the success rate for the quit smoking cold turkey method the following guide lines must be respected. Understand that in the first days following the quit smoking cold turkey decision you will feel very irritated and tired, the good part is that after several days the severe irritability will pass. Drink a lot of water, this will help your body flush toxins. Take a chewing gum or candy whenever you fill the need for a cigarette, take a walk or do some exercises whenever you feel the craving. All this are small tips that can help you succeed in using the quit smoking cold turkey method.

Calling a friend when you feel like smoking is another suggestion that can help the quit smoking cold turkey method, if you don't have a friend that can really help, you may attend some groups of ex-smokers, they will give you all the needed advice and will support you in overcoming all the encountered difficulties. The quit smoking cold turkey method is free and this is why so many try it, but the fact is that people associate this drastic solution with a superhuman determination and self control. Those who succeeded in quiting using the quit smoking cold turkey technique are powerful people that always succeed in what they set as a goal, for them failure isn't an option.