Sunday, December 12, 2010

The best quit smoking product

Every smoker who wants to escape from this bad habit is searching for the best quit smoking product that will help. The “cold turkey” method is the most simple way to quit smoking, you simply stop smoking and face on your own all the side effects that will come. This solution is straight through and only the most convinced persons prove successful. For those smokers who find it too difficult to fight this battle on their own a large variety of quit smoking products exist. Finding the appropriate quit smoking product in each case isn't easy, each person must try each alternative until it finds the one that fits him or her best. Once you have decided over a quit smoking product you've just increased significantly your chances of getting healthier and living a better life.

Each quit smoking product has advantages and disadvantages, so think twice before choosing a treatment. You should decide to get help from your non-smoking friends and family because especially the first days are extremely difficult. Learn all you can about quit smoking products and see which one suits you best. Nicotine replacement therapy is one of the most appreciated ways of fighting smoking. It includes several quit smoking products like nicotine gum, nicotine patch or lozenges. This method has the advantage of replacing the nicotine from your body thus removing the side effects, in time, quit smoking products will help you reduce and finally eliminate the nicotine dose without any unpleasant symptoms that are usually associated with nicotine absence.

Natural quit smoking products exist and usually contain a mixture of plats that help detoxification of the body while preventing withdrawal symptoms. Zyban and Wellbutrin are quit smoking products that can solve your problem in a couple of months. These pills can be bought from any drug store but you will need a prescription from the doctor. There are also many quit smoking products more affordable but with a doubtful rate of success, they are based on self suggestion and other psychological methods that fight smoking. Don't choose any quit smoking product easily since you have to check the tolerance of your body system to any of the stimuli in the content of the quit smoking product. Otherwise you risk to alleviate withdrawal symptoms but not be able to get proper rest at night because of a simple nicotine patch for instance. Take good care!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Opinions against quit smoking by hypnosis

Smoking is one of the worst habits one may have, being addicted to nicotine is pretty much similar to being addicted to cocaine or heroine. Though many medical and scientific associations have underlined the similitudes between tobacco and cocaine no decisive steps have been made. There are many people eager to try such special methods especially if they are easy to implement. Alternative therapy has come up with quit smoking by hypnosis solutions. To quit smoking by hypnosis is a recent technique very contested by scientists as most doctors and scientists don't accept the idea of influencing the subconscious. Though quit smoking by hypnosis solutions are controversial there are some people that say they feel better, so based on their declarations this new quit smoking by hypnosis treatment gains more and more favorable opinions.

If you run a simple search you will find a multitude of quit smoking by hypnosis solutions over the Internet. Such quit smoking by hypnosis treatments contain a simple mp3 file that must be recorded on a CD or DVD and played several times. There are many people that buy them and say they feel better. However, at the exact opposite pole, there ore others who say they'd rather go to an exorcist than turn to quit smoking by hypnosis. The products are advertised as the extraordinary quit smoking by hypnosis mp3s. Maybe you've seen some shows where people get hypnotized and bark like a dog or any other animal. Those things are real, so be careful to what you listen, I have nothing against those who appeal to such drastic solutions I just say that they don't know to what they expose themselves.

Those who turn to quit smoking by hypnosis usually have tried other untested methods like yoga or any other alternative therapies, it is true that there is a small percentage of people that have an inclination to mysticism but before contacting some therapists that use quit smoking by hypnosis techniques try to find out the side effects of such a quit smoking by hypnosis treatment. The truth that any medic or scientist can confirm is that we know little or nothing at all about mysticism and what it involves. You can search for opinions on the Internet and you will find that many share my opinion underlaying the dangers that can appear if you try quit smoking by hypnosis. However, if you come to work with a true professional, quit smoking by hypnosis may work as it is said to eliminate the desire to smoke from the most inner levels of the subconscious.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quit smoking hypnosis–Are there any good or safe?

Smoking is one of the biggest problems that troubles our modern society as more than 4 million people die every year from a smoking caused illness. Free stop smoking hypnosis is one of the most modern methods to fight nicotine. The cause of smoking is different for each individual as there is a variety of emotional and psychological factors involved. A personal problem can make one start smoking just like a very stressful life style. The free stop smoking hypnosis helps you from inside your own mind. If the smoking causes are within each individual doctors say that the cure is also there. So this is why any quit–smoking program comes with a lot of counselling for helping one overcome all the imminent difficulties. Some people are ready to try new free stop smoking hypnosis techniques and are pleased with the results. Let's see the pros and cons of free stop smoking hypnosis methods.

The problem with free stop smoking hypnosis treatments is that you don't really know what it really goes on during the procedure. Basically during free stop smoking hypnosis sessions the nicotine addiction should be eliminated from your subconscious. Maybe you've seen shows where a person is hypnotized and then makes some foolish things, all those happenings are real. About the method, yes, it can be useful, because the mind can simply be programmed to hate cigarettes but I wouldn't trust anyone to play with my mind. Theoretically free stop smoking hypnosis can be successfully applied to some patients and if you surf the Internet for opinions you will find a lot of happy stories as well as some complaints against this method. Presently a large number of free stop smoking hypnosis mp3s exist on various sites.

As I see it the only advantage to stop smoking hypnosis method over the classical treatments is that there are no side effects as those reported in the case of some nicotine-based substitutes. As a common disadvantage of the free stop smoking hypnosis mp3 files that can be found on the Internet is that you'll have to waste a lot of time listening to them. Usually about 6 hours of listening are needed every week so if you have this time to spend, the free stop smoking hypnosis might be the solution for you. However, it would be best to turn to a professional in the field, even if you have to pay for the procedure. Such organized non-free stop smoking hypnosis therapy shows results sooner than the free variants available on the Internet.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quit smoking medication

card00699_frOver the last decades more and more treatments have appeared against smoking, stop smoking medication is available in any drug store and can be prescribed by any doctor. People's perception about smoking and stop smoking medication has changed in time, one century ago smoking was thought to be a treatment against lung problems and until the 20th century it wasn't considered to be bad for the human body. If we refer to the stop smoking medication, a series of alternatives must be discussed, but first we should mention that the variety of treatments is caused by the fact that no stop smoking medication has ever worked the same way on two different persons. Classical nicotine replacements as stop smoking medication do their job well and help a lot of people pass the first months after quiting. Over the last years more complex stop smoking medication appeared and pills like Chantix offer a lot more than the classical solutions.

When a person smokes his/her body releases a substance called dopamine, this chemical is the cause of all the positive effects that a smoker feels. Stop smoking medication deals with the side effects of dopamine levels dropping. When quitting, the lack of dopamine from your body can cause depression, anxiety, irritability, insomnia or any other related problems. More complex stop smoking medication work differently from a classical antidepressant that includes some nicotine to release a small amount of dopamine in your body. Modern stop smoking medication triggers a small release of dopamine into the body, thus avoiding depressions while, at the same time, blocking nicotine receptors from your brain. The blocking effect of this stop smoking medication help you in the scenario where you fail and smoke a cigarette, if the nicotine receptors are blocked the ex-smoker won't feel anything so it will be easier in the future to reject smoking.

Stop smoking medication if taken excessively can also have side effects so this is why many smokers appeal to natural solutions to fight back their nicotine craving. People who think about quitting smoking are usually very concerned with their health and this is why many of them don't want to turn to some stop smoking medication. A large variety of natural stop smoking medication exists on the market and it has a decent success rate. Doctors usually recommend alternative treatments in associations with normal stop smoking medication, in the first days classical pills are the favorite as they have a more powerful and faster impact on the body while plants usually react more slowly. In time the traditional stop smoking medication will be replaced by herb-based alternatives in order to avoid any side effects caused by chemicals